Charlie Life & Leadership Academy recognizes that “what” a student learns is not as important as “who” a person becomes. We provide essential knowledge and skills needed for success in today’s global economy. Together with our partners, we’re developing 21st Century leaders who thrive individually, and in relationships, teams, organizations, and communities throughout the U.S. and the world.


Make Your Dreams Come True

Getting into your dream school and landing that dream job is your main goal. However, it is no longer enough to have good grades, test scores, and participation in a couple of extracurricular activities.

Building a strong enough resume, and telling your story is challenging when you only have a few seconds to make your case.

There IS a better way to stand out from the crowd!


Prepare your Students to be Leaders

You want to give your students every opportunity to thrive and reach their potential, but graduate schools and the job markets are more competitive than ever before. Students need more than good grades and a decent internship. They need to demonstrate good leadership—inside and out.

It’s a consistent worry — are we doing enough to give our students the best chance at personal and professional success?


Help Support Charlie Academy

You are passionate about supporting education for young people. You know that COVID has put a big hole in the ability of traditional education to provide life and leadership training in a fully digital world. And, family structures aren’t as connected as before; therefore many life and leadership lessons aren’t carried through the generations in the same way they used to be.

You worry that today’s students are going to lag behind in life and leadership skills.

Today’s students deserve the training they need to be strong individuals who become leaders and valuable members of society.


Give a Competitive Edge

You want your student to succeed in school, work, and life, but it is no longer enough to have good grades and participate in a couple of extracurricular activities.

It keeps you up at night, worrying about how your student will manage the challenges of a competitive and complex world.

There IS a better way to help your child succeed at school, work, and life.


Attract the Best and Brightest

Students now have more choices than ever and they are looking for the opportunity that will give them the best chance at landing their dream job.

Your internship opportunities are good, but you are anxious about whether you are doing enough to attract and keep the best and brightest.

You have worked hard to establish your business as a “best place to work.” That means you need the best talent and brightest graduates on your team!

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