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Whether your goal is college or a job, you need to demonstrate specific essential skills on your resume and application. Unfortunately, these are the skills most people seldom learn in school.

But who has the time and extra money to spend on developing these skills?

Charlie Academy’s self-paced online content allows anyone to build their skills and their resume. It is the one-stop shop for people who want to invest in themselves and their future.

Online content developed with your skill-building needs in mind.

Created by an expert team of authors, educators, instructional specialists, researchers, and industry practitioners, Charlie Academy’s career-prep and leadership course suite is designed to:
Supporting youths

Allow anyone to pick and choose the specific skills they want and need to meet the increasing demands of competitive jobs or schools

Promote personal and professional success
Supporting youths

Be self-paced for people on the go

Be self-paced
Supporting youths

Be easily accessible via the Charlie Academy platform

Be easily accessible

Charlie Academy has quickly become a huge resource for my personal development. Being able to learn and apply the diverse skills taught in Charlie Academy has already proved invaluable to me as I prepare to move into the workforce.

Caleb Carlton, Student

Select the courses you want based on the skills you need to develop.

Charlie Academy’s ever-growing library includes courses that allow you to access only the course material you need—for wherever you are now and wherever you’re headed.

Each course is filled with practical techniques that support your personal and professional success.

Here are just a few course favorites:

  • The Art of Feedback
  • Communicating with Purpose
  • Growing through Conflict
  • Tapping into Motivation
  • Power of Visualization
  • Building a Dream Team
  • Maximizing Time
  • Architecting Goals
  • Create Your Ideal Self

And many more…

Get immediate value with Charlie Academy content.

Practical Use

Each course offers tips and techniques for applying real skills to real life. All courses include the online course, downloadable workbook, skill assessment, and discussion guide.

Showcase Your Skills

Earn digital skill badges to show your skill completion so you can boost your resume, applications, and interviews.

Charlie Academy users say it best… 

Charlie Academy is designed for individuals ready to invest in themselves—and their future. It’s easy!

Charlie Academy is designed for you! The Charlie Academy team can help you customize a solution that works within your budget and supports the skill needs of your interns. It’s easy!

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