Charlie Life & Leadership Academy

Online courses that prepare youth to be resilient and successful

Help your community’s youth develop the social-emotional and life skills that lead to healthy decision-making and success.

You know how valuable it is for youth to develop healthy decision-making skills so they can move toward fulfilling their life goals.  

But with limited resources and time, developing programs to help your community’s youth become resilient and successful—now and in the future—is challenging.  

Charlie Academy is your simple solution. 

The course Becoming Resilient made me stop and think about how often I try to scoot past a negative situation, and that I tend to ‘react’ instead of ‘respond.’ If you want to become healthier, more self-aware, and increase your capacity to handle things, that’s exactly what you’ll get with Charlie Academy courses.

Libby Thom, Student

Online content developed with your learners and program in mind.

Created by an expert team of authors, educators, instructional specialists, researchers, and industry practitioners, Charlie Academy’s career-prep and leadership course suite is designed to:

Supporting youths

Support youth aged 16-24 in developing the skills that promote healthy decision-making and personal and professional success.

Promote healthy decision making & success
Ready made online resources

Be a ready-made resource for online, in-person, or hybrid youth programs.

Be a ready-made resource
Accessible to staff and youth

Be easily accessible for staff and youth to use and access via the via Charlie Academy’s platform or your own.

Allow easy accessibility
Students working together

Fit into your program’s budget, with a subscription package that works for your organization.

Fit within your budget

Stand-alone or supplemental material for your youth programs

Charlie Academy’s short skill-based courses are easy to use in a variety of programs like:

  • Youth Leadership Trainings and Programs 
  • Afterschool Programs or Workshops 
  • Vocational and Job Skills Development  
  • Coaching and Mentoring Services 
  • Team and Community-Building Activities 
  • “Free Time” Activities (e.g., open computer lab)  

Provide immediate value to your program’s youth.

The Charlie Academy online suite offers learners a way to build and demonstrate their skills with:
  • Online courses and workbooks
  • Skill assessments
  • Discussion guides
  • Digital skills badges

On Charlie Academy’s platform or through your own badging system, students can earn and show proof of competency with Charlie Academy digital skills badges. Badges are the perfect resume boost for job or school applications and interviews! ​

Charlie Academy users say it best… 

Worried about cost?

The Charlie Academy team can work with you to design a solution that works within your budget, while supporting the needs of your community’s youth. Want to learn more?

Have a conversation.

Tell us about your needs and take a tour of the Charlie Academy course suite with us.

Design the subscription package that’s just right.

We create a package that’s just right for your program and budget, then help you access or install.

Your community youth win!

Youth get access to the course content (whenever, wherever!) to develop the real-world skills they need the most.